D’Festival of Change has been designed by the DFC Student Council Members as a way to spread positivity and hope to people around the world. The Challenges, Workshops, and Talks are meant to engage and entertain kids and adults alike in these unprecedented times, and give them the strength to make a difference in the world.

Corona’tion Challenge is a call for action to an open challenge to submit working models, drawing or designs that re-imagine Parks, Canteens, and Transportation while maintaining Social Distancing. This challenge will give you a chance to creating something innovative and useful that can be put to use in this age where social distancing can save lives!

All the Design Solutions will be judged on the following criteria :
Originality | Aesthetic appeal | Functionality | Adherence to FIDS format

Design solutions will be judged by DFC Student Council Members and adult experts from the design world.



Corona’tion Workshops are going to be led by DFC Student Council Members, where they will offer their skills in an interesting way. Each workshop is unique, and will inspire and engross you, and teach you a new skill that will keep you productive in the quarantine time! Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook pages!!


  • Introduction by Nur Aishah

  • Poetry Workshop by Nargis

  • Story Telling by Sonam

  • Fitness Workshop by Henry

  • Cubing Workshop by Napoleon

  • Be The Change workshop by Aishah

  • Wash Your Hands Workshop by Justin

  • Creative Writing Workshop by Celia

  • Knot Tying Workshop by Risa

  • Boost It Up Workshop by Jaafar

Corona’tion Talks will be moderated by Student council members with different experts and influential figures to understand their experiences in the time of the pandemic. You will get an insight on things that these people are going through and their views on the ongoing situation. This is a good way to gain fresh perspective and build awareness about the world! Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook pages!!


  • Watch this talk between Kiran (founder/director of DFC), Sonam, and Nargis as they discuss what is worth preserving on this pale blue dot that we call home.

  • Watch this talk between Mr. Fernando Trujilio, Celia, Felipe, and Monica where they discuss how every single action of ours, creates a butterfly effect across the globe.

  • Watch this talk between Aishah, Orly Wahbah, and Ruthie where kindness and be the change is the common theme.

  • Watch this talk between Cas Holman, Justin, and Sanjli as they share how play has played an important role in our lives.

  • Watch this talk between Mr. Hanandeh, Jaafar, and Shirine where they share about the technological advancement, the ever-changing economies around the world, and Jordan's response for the same.

  • Watch this talk between Karen, Henry, Napoleon, and Madhu where they share the moments that made them happy, reflective, and how their happiness is their choice.