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Design for Change is the largest movement of change - by and for children.

The movement is spearheaded by a global network of passionate community leaders, social entrepreneurs, designers and educators who are committed to nurturing the I CAN belief in all children.

Using our simple and proven framework of 'Feel, Imagine, Do, Share' ( FIDS ), children around the world are empowered with the skills to design a more desirable and sustainable future - Today!

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Our Solution

FIDS for kids

Powered by the principles of design thinking, Design for Change offers a simple 4 step framework FIDS (Feel-Imagine-Do-Share)- to unleash the I CAN superpower in every child.

Using this framework, children are encouraged to 'FEEL' (observe and identify any situation that bothers them), 'IMAGINE' (brainstorm a way to make it better), 'DO' (work in teams to implement their solution) and finally, 'SHARE' (their solution of change with the world) to inspire others to say, 'I CAN'!

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I CAN belief in action

Our children are telling us they don't need permission to make the world a better place. Take a look at some of their solutions to their greatest challenges. Their solutions and actions are addressing our global goals too!!

Our Impact

Since the inception of Design for Change in 2009, here is our collective global impact.

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Watch some of the leading minds in education share why Design for Change is one of the most exciting and important ideas to build agency and empathy in children.

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