About Us

Every child has the right to graduate with the I can mindset-Every Today!



“KehiGaroun” is a non-government organization established in 2006 that promotes personal change as the pathway for social change. KehiGaroun equips student, volunteers and youths with tools to become aware of the world around them, and to believe that they can make an impact in it.

Our Theory Of Change

1. Our vision is that personal evolution, not political revolution, should be the pathway to change.

2. People evolve when reflection and action inform each other, enhancing their awareness and skills to sense and engage with the world around them.Our logo of two overlapping circles of inner reflection and outer action reminds us that that change begins with mindful actions at personal level.

3. Personal Change is expressed as energy for self-care, empathy for others and excellence in work.

4. Personal change naturally ripples out in an interconnected world as positive change.

Guiding Principle

In Nepal, “Kehi Garoun” is a calls on individuals to participate in a collective response.   KG believes that self-change change is a pathway for social change. Our guiding philosophy centers around  fostering Personal Wellness, Empathy in Relationships and Excellence in Work:   

  • Reflection

    We seek to enhance self-awareness, authenticity and wellness.  We approach our work with caution and humility, with a sense of surrender.

  • Relationship

    We seek to enhance attention, listening and empathy in our relationships.  We seek to create an honest and dignified space to connect with each other. 

  • Rippling-out 

    We seek to improve our workmanship since work ripples out in ways we cannot plan ahead.  We value excellence in small tasks.  

DFC Team Nepal

  • Nabin Linkha
    Nabin Linkha
    Program Officer

    NabinLinkha (nabinl@kgnepal.com.np)

    Nabin is a core DFC sessions facilitator in Government schools. He is interested in conducting extracurricular activities like music and sports. He has been working with over 30 Government schools in different programs since 2015.

  • Umanga Pandey
    Umanga Pandey

    Umanga Pandey (umanga@gmail,com)

    Umanga is interested in philosophy and management. He leverages learnings of his international career (Wall Street, VC, IFC, Consulting) to experiment on model of change, for which he was recognized by as an 'Asia 21 Young Leader' by Asia Society.

  • Abhilash Acharya
    Abhilash Acharya

    Abhilash Acharya (abhibodhi@gmail.com) 

    Abhilash is a life-coach and a mindfulness-guide. A trained counselor and communications consultant, he uses tools of psychology and spirituality to facilitate personal journeys and personal development of students and working adults.