Frequently Asked Questions

Design for Change (DFC) Workshop for Educators

Q: What is the Design for Change (DFC) Workshop for Educators?
A: It is a workshop training for educators & students on the Design for Change Feel-Imagine-Do-Share (FIDS) design-thinking methodology. The workshop will help teams to effectively develop ideas & implement solutions for their daily lives, schools and communities. These solutions can then be implemented by participants and be submitted for the annual global 'I CAN School Challenge'.

Q: Who can participate in the Workshop?
A: Our workshops are open to all educators, formal and informal. We, at DFC Malaysia, believe that parents are just as much educators transforming their child’s life as teachers in the classroom.

Q: What is the cost of the workshop?
A: If you would like to participate or organise a workshop in your school, please register your interest in this form (https://bit.ly/MYDFCWorkshops)

Q: What are the benefits of attending a Design for Change Workshop?

(1) Be recognised as a DFC practitioner 
You will be certified to train other educators and students using the Design for Change framework

(2) Fast Track to 'I CAN School Challenge'
Join the global challenge and showcase your knowledge and projects together with your students on national and international platforms.

(3) Develop socially-conscious & globally compentent student 
Develop your students to be leaders beyond the classroom & equip your students to build their own projects and to develop their own solutions

(4) Self-Development 
Learn design-thinking skills for personal and professional development

(5) Networking Opportunities
Connect with other like-minded educators from the country and around the world

Q: I would like to learn the FIDS Methodology and start making a difference with my students, how do I sign up?
Please drop us an email and attention our partnership lead Ralph - ralph.mpofu@impacthub.net

I CAN School Challenge Malaysia 

Q: What is the I CAN School Challenge?
I CAN School Challenge is a global platform for students to share their stories of change using the simplified design thinking model of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share (FIDS) introduced by Design for Change. The I CAN School Challenge is held yearly, here in Malaysia and globally! It is the way for Design for Change to gather knowledge of all the amazing social impact projects that are happening in each nation. Use this challenge to showcase what you and your team are doing to better your school and in essence, better the world!

Q: How do I participate in the I CAN School Challenge?
A: Submit your stories online here: https://challenge.dfcworld.com/

Q: Do I have to be Malaysian to participate in the I CAN School Challenge
A: No. The I CAN School Challenge is open to Malaysians and non-Malaysians. However, the social impact projects must be taking place in Malaysian schools and communities.

Q: What is the age requirements for the I CAN School Challenge Malaysia?
A: Anyone between 7-17 years old can be part of a team and submit their project for the I CAN School Challenge.

Q: What if I have more or less than 5 students who are interested in creating a team?
A: Don’t worry! The minimum number of students to create a team is three. If you end up having an eager bunch and get more than five students interested we advise bringing another educator (parent or teacher) onboard to help. For example, there have been teams where there are 10 students and 2 adults leading the team.

Q: When is the deadline to submit my team’s social impact project?
A: 31 August 2023

Q: Can we still submit our social impact project if it is only an idea and we have not actually implemented it yet?
A: We highly encourage everyone to get their story of change before submission deadline. You have a higher chance of being selected as a top team the more feasible your project is. It does not have to be on a grand scale, we just want to see photos or video of what you and your team are doing or going to do to make your school, community, and world a better place! 

Q: When will we find out if our team has been picked as one of the finalist teams?
A: We will be notifying the team lead(s) by email after the judging process is complete

Q: What are some social impact projects I can submit for the Challenge?
A: Click here to view past submissions so you can see how wide-ranging the social impact projects can be.

Do you have any more questions? Please reach out to our DFC Malaysia team:

Ralph Mpofu  | ralph.mpofu@impacthub.net | +60167108433

Shilpa Lazarus | shilpa.lazarus@impacthub.net | +60123785702