Design for Change is the largest movement of change - by and for children. The movement is spearheaded by a global network of passionate community leaders, social entrepreneurs, designers and educators who are committed to nurturing the I CAN belief in all children. Using our simple and proven framework of 'Feel, Imagine, Do, Share' ( FIDS ), children around the world are empowered with the skills to design a more desirable and sustainable future - Today!






Through a simple design process of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share



This step starts with asking you to slow down and 'understand' the situation before jumping to 'solve' it.

Why is it Important?

It develops EMPATHY.

When you want to design a better solution, you need to move from 'assumptions' to 'insights' - this happens when you engage with the user and design solutions 'WITH', instead of 'FOR' them.



This step asks you to brainstorm solutions to improve, enrich, change the user experience.

Why is it important?

It develops ETHICS.

When you choose to offer a solution to change the current situation, it asks you to take the 'responsibility' for the same. This mindset helps you believe that you are NOT helpless, change IS possible and YOU can drive it!



This step is about creative agency and the ability to take timely action.

Why is it Important?

It develops EXCELLENCE.

'Action' that follows 'intention' results in desired 'impact'. Furthermore, the focus on details allows the action to improve the 'quality' of the experience, building a habit for excellence.



The final step is 'Share' - cultivating the abundance mentality.

Why is it Important?

It develops ELEVATION

Elevation is the shift from 'competing' with others to 'completing' others. Inherent in this step is the belief that the 'I CAN' spirit offers hope and inspiration for further change.

Go ahead, be a storyteller and shamelessly inspire others to 'Be the Change'!



Our activities are crafted to foster an empowering "I CAN" mindset among children and teachers. Join us on this exciting journey as we connect, inspire, and enable young minds to embrace their potential and shape a brighter future together. Let's dream, create, and achieve as one!

  • I CAN Workshops

    Our I CAN FIDS workshops are designed for children and educators to test and better understand the DFC FIDS methodology, and how to incorporate it into their classroom. We offer both in person and virtual workshop session. The workshop will help teams to effectively develop ideas & implement solutions for their daily lives, schools and communities.

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  • I CAN Schools Challenge

    An annual online global platform for students to share about their impact projects (Stories of Change). Stories of Change must be developed using the simplified design thinking methodology of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share (FIDS). The Challenge aims to develop impact-driven, values-focused, socially-conscious, self-confident and globally-competent Malaysian students. Top teams from the National I CAN Schools Challenge will be selected to represent Malaysia at the annual Be The Change Summit or triennial ICAN Children’s Global Summit.

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  • Global Be The Change Celebrations

    Organized annually, the ‘Be The Change’ (BTC) celebration provides our young superheroes from across the world a platform to showcase their stories of change. The celebration honors and recognises these young agents of change for their courage and determination to change the world around them. In 2023, I CAN Childrens’ Global Summit will be hosted in India on 30 November till 3 December, and will welcome over 1,000+ students and educators from around the world.

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  • MY x Change

    The MY x Change (Malaysian Youth x Change) is a monthly dialogue series led by Children, for All. Topics covered will include: Child Rights, the Environment and other  issues that children FEEL deeply about. At the core of this program is inspiring children and empowering them through 10-15 minute rapid interviews (bite-sized conversations). In these interviews, children publicly speak to adults who are experienced in their respective fields and peers about what matters to them, in SAFE ONLINE spaces.

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  • Majalah Didik Docu-Series

    In an effort to amplify the reach of our education initiatives, we developed and produced a 26 episode edu-reality documentary series showcasing stories of change/impact projects from Design For Change I CAN Schools Challenge. Each episode captured and followed the learning journeys of select school projects and stories.This opportunity was a collaboration together with the Ministry of Education Malaysia and Malaysia’s largest media and entertainment company, Media Prima Berhad (NTV7). 

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You can empower student leaders in your classroom by using the 4-step FIDS process in

  • 1 Week - TOOLKIT

    The all inclusive and flexible challenge is the quickest way to unleash the 'I CAN' superpower in children. Download the toolkit and the one week support plan below and get started!


    The month long curriculum enables students to work with one another, to collaborate and to engage deeply, identify the real issues and concerns. The curriculum comes with a month long support plan, download and get started.




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Our Advisors

Meet our amazing team of advisors who provide our team with strategic expertise and knowledge to scale the I CAN movement across Malaysia.

  • Shariha Khalid
    Shariha Khalid
    Founder, and Board Member

    Shariha is a medical doctor (surgeon), social entrepreneur, impact advisor and investor with 20 years experience in roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors around the world. Shariha is co-founder, board member and Executive Director of Impact Hub KL and Founding Partner of Mission & Co. 

  • Rezal Jaafar
    Rezal Jaafar
    Senior Advisor: Strategy and Branding

    Rezal Jaafar is the Founder/Chief Executive Officer of iBrndMkrs. He was previously at Khazanah Nasional. Building his way up from operational training & learning development programs, leadership management programs, people & human capital development programs, HR shared services, change & transformation management and policy process & procedure improvements, his experience manifests with self-evident expertise in both local and international fields.

  • Azilla Osman
    Azilla Osman
    Advisor: Youth Initiatives

    Azilla has 15 years working experience as event strategist. During that time, she has worked with government, private and multinational companies organising international trade events. For the last 6 years, she provides strategy consultancy and project management services for nonprofits and social impact programmes specializing in strategic planning, long-term partnership and investment.

  • Ramesh Pillai
    Ramesh Pillai
    Senior Advisor: STEM

    Ramesh is a founding member of the Malaysian Association of Creativity & Innovation (MACRI). He's responsible for the operations and execution of programs for MACRI which inculcate the culture innovation especially among the youth. Ramesh is passionate about advocating for creativity and innovation in education. He is also the founder of STEM4All, and has served on the MOE STEM Advisory Council.

  • Elizabeth Lopez
    Elizabeth Lopez
    Senior Advisor: Education Transformation

    Elizabeth is an accomplished educationist, with multi-faceted experience at various levels in schools, teacher training and the Ministry of Education. She currently advises on how we can bring innovation into our programs. She is the HundRED Foundation’s Innovation Ambassador for Malaysia and serves on the global selection committee for education innovations.

  • Dato' Satinah Syed Saleh
    Dato' Satinah Syed Saleh
    Senior Advisor: Education Policy

    Dato’ Satinah is an experienced education expert who has held multiple advisory roles with leading organisations championing education transformation in Malaysia. Previously she was the Education Consultant & Advisor for Khazanah Nasional Berhad and served 2 years on the Minister of Education’s Advisory Council.

  • Nur Aishah binti Abdullah
    Nur Aishah binti Abdullah
    Student Advisor: Youth Initiatives & Engagement

    Nur Aishah is a student leader from SMK Lubok Buntar, Kedah and was part of the winning team for the I CAN Schools Challenge 2018. Aishah was selected as 1 of 14 students globally to be in the Design For Change Global Student Council (2018-2020). 

Contact Us

For more information on Design For Change Malaysia, contact our Impact Coordinator, Shilpa Lazarus at shilpa.lazarus@impacthub.net (+60123785702), for CSR and Business Partnerships contact our Partnerships Lead Ralph Mpofu at ralph.mpofu@impacthub.net

  • Shilpa Lazarus
    Shilpa Lazarus
    Impact Coordinator


  • Ralph Mpofu
    Ralph Mpofu
    Lead: Partnerships, Programs and Community