I CAN Schools Challenge


An annual online global platform for students to share about their impact projects (Stories of Change). Stories of Change must be developed using the simplified design thinking methodology of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share (FIDS). The Challenge aims to develop impact-driven, values-focused, socially-conscious, self-confident and globally-competent Malaysian students. To promote inclusivity and to achieve the objective of growing a movement of ICAN Superheroes, submissions are invited from all Malaysian school children. 

Schools that wish to participate in the I CAN Schools Challenge 2024 need to pay a fee of RM50 for each team of students included (1 teacher + 4 students). The fee also includes digital learning materials for workshops and certificates.

Bank Details:


Bank Name: Alliance Bank Berhad

Bank Account No: 141850010043475

Note: Once student team's project has been uploaded onto the challenge platform, please upload proof of payment in this link -----> https://forms.gle/CmZs599TFB1Cgi6u5 as this will then confirm your team’s spot in the challenge.

The I CAN Schools Challenge 2024 will have 4 levels of competition which are:

District Level

State Level

National Level

International Level

At the National Level, 20 school teams will be shortlisted and will be eligible to participate in the Be The Change 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with their own self funding option as only 1 team will be fully funded by Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur and have the opportunity to be mentored by industry experts based on the project’s focus and theme.

Upon submission of the final videos by the Top 20 teams, each team will need to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness about their project. This component is important during the judges' deliberations.


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Target Participants: 6-16 year old students, and teachers from primary and secondary schools across Malaysia.

The “I CAN” mindset equips every child to be AWARE of the world around them; ENABLED with the skills to take ACTION; and EMPOWERED to design a more resilient and sustainable future - TODAY! 

Malaysia is a country known for its diverse cultures and ethnicities, unity has become a principle in determining the country's future direction. I CAN Schools Challenge is a platform in uniting differences, instilling values ​​of unity and mutual respect.

  • Be Recognised as a "Design For Change" Practitioner

    Teachers who participate in the I CAN FIDS workshops will be certified and recognised as DFC Practitioners. 

  • Develop Socially-Conscious & Globally Competent Student

    Develop your students to be leaders beyond the classroom and to use THEIR creative ideas to solve challenges and issues that they FEEL DEEPLY about in your schools and communities!



    Stand a chance to present and showcase your team's project on the global stage during I CAN Children's Global Summit or Be The Change celebration.

  • Self-Development

    Learn design-thinking skills for personal and professional development

  • Networking Opportunities

    Connect with other like-minded educators from the country and around the world

  • Think Global, Act Local

    Showcase your knowledge and projects that contribute to creating impact, and building a more desirable, sustainable world. 


If you haven't gone through a workshop with us, we highly recommend it and is free for all students and teachers to attend. Otherwise, we have guides on how you can learn our FIDS methodology on your own, so you can still submit a project! Please remember your team needs to consist of 1 teacher/mentor and up to 4 students (min of 3 students). Students should be between 6 - 16 years old. Ready to submit? Follow the guidelines below (click here)

Here are some important video guidelines to know before submitting:

1. Student teams are required to express diversity and unity, which can be achieved with diverse team members, diverse languages used in videos and so on !

2. If students are speaking in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil or any other mother tongue language, make sure to add English subtitles so everyone can understand.

3. Animation and cartoon videos are also welcome! The goal is to encourage maximum creativity.

We want to portray the diversity of Malaysia through a multicultural society!

It is vital for students to speak naturally and from the heart and avoid reading from a script; instead, use bullet points to guide your thoughts.

  • OUR Workshops

    Our I CAN FIDS workshops are designed for children and educators to test and better understand the DFC FIDS methodology, and how to incorporate it into their classroom. We offer both in person and virtual workshop session. The workshop will help teams to effectively develop ideas & implement solutions for their daily lives, schools and communities.

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    Start with a quick refresher course video if you haven't practiced F-I-D-S in a while or are new to F-I-D-S. Go through the PDF toolkit and guidelines, and answer the questions based on the project you intend to create. (Download Here)

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Since 2018, the I CAN Schools Challenge has received over 500+ student-led projects from 2,500+ students and 450+ teachers across malaysia, with a collective impact of 500,000+ lives.


Real Solutions. Real Impact. By Children - for Malaysia and the World!

The I CAN Schools Challenge will demonstrate the potential of unity amongst children, and showcase local scalable and impactful solutions developed by children for a sustainable, resilient and diversed Malaysia.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    With the increase of mental health issues among students arising from the effects of the pandemic, how can students be equipped to combat these challenges, and what solutions are needed to support the future generation?

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  • Environment and Climate Action

    Unleashing the creativity of students to develop and implement environmental and climate action projects in their homes, schools, and communities.

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  • Innovation and Technology

    How can we encourage and empower our young changemakers to use their vigor, creativity and robustness to create new and innovative ideas to solve some of the world’s pressing issues?

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  • Art, Culture and Heritage

    Providing opportunities for students to contribute their ideas towards building a culture that is inclusive and that supports their own development and welfare

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Challenge Timeline

Official Launch of Challenge

19  July 2024

FIDS Design Thinking Workshop (Online)

26 July 2024 (For Educators Only)

31 July 2024 (For Educators Only)

3 August 2024 (For Children Only)

Storytelling Workshop (Online)

6 August 2024

Fundraising Workshop (Online)

8 August 2024

School Projects Submission Deadline

31 August 2024

Announcement of Results for District Level Competition

13  September 2024

Announcement of Results for State Level Competition

(Top 20 teams)

20 September 2024

Submission of final videos by Top 20 teams and Launch of Crowdfunding Campaigns

30  September 2024

Announcement of Results for National Level Competition

(Top 10 teams)

7 October 2024

Announcement of Results for International Level 

(One school team to represent Malaysia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for Be The Change (BTC) 2024 )

14  October 2024


Be The Change 2024 (Dubai, United Emirates)

20 November - 24 November 2024