Design for Change(簡稱DFC)在 2009年由印度 Riverside School 校長 Kiran Sethi創辦,透過四個簡單的的步驟 (感受、想像、實行、分享),讓兒童及青少年發揮創意解決問題,創造改變,藉此建立「我做得到」的自信心。DFC至今已推廣至全球超過70個國家地區,遍佈六大洲,包括美國、西班牙、丹麥、以色列、澳洲、日本、新加坡等。
Design for Change (DFC) was founded by Kiran Sethi, the principal of Riverside School in India. With the simple four steps (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share), children and youth can solve problems by creativity and create change. They can build their I CAN confidence. DFC is promoted and implemented in over 70 countries and regions until now, including USA, Spain, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc.

感受 - 發現身邊潛在的問題,揀選最想解決的問題作為挑戰主題。
Feel - Explore potential problems around you. Choose the problem that you want to solve most as your topic of DFC Challenge.

想像 - 想出解決或改善這個問題的創新獨特方法。
Imagine - Figure out creative ways to solve or improve this problem.

實行 - 集合每一樣所需要的資源,並實踐行動。
Do - Implement the selected idea with the necessary resources.

分享 - 向他人分享自己的DFC行動,影響更多人支持自己,並參與改變。
Share - Share your story with others to inspire more people to support you and make change.

DFC在本澳的中文譯名為「澳門創意行動挑戰賽」,在2012年開始由澳門崇新文化協會主辦,我們希望培養兒童及青少年的同理心,關心身邊及社區的人和事,透過 DFC 的設計思維提升他們解決問題的能力,並推動他們以實際行動進行持續改變,打造更美好的澳門及世界。
DFC Macau Challenge is organized by Sung San Cultural Association in Macau, starting from 2012. We hope to cultivate the empathy of children and youth. They care about the people and the community. They can improve the problem-solving skills through the design thinking of DFC and encourage them to make continuous change through concrete actions, in order to create a better Macau and the world.

DFC榮獲多個國際獎項International Awards of DFC


DFC被聯合國列為達到 17 個可持續發展目標的方法之一,此外DFC獲得教宗的支持,與天主教國際教育協會 (OIEC) 合作,預計推廣到全世界 446,000 所學校。
DFC is considered as one of the solutions to meet the 17 global goals for sustainable development of United Nations. Besides, DFC is supported by the Pope and cooperates with OIEC to promote DFC to 446,000 schools in the world.

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